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Research Proposal on Database Usability Issues

There are various kinds of database ease of use issues; you could discuss the issues that happen when a client sees a database framework . I. e. the client will see unique in relation to what the database contains. In any case, with â€Å"the advance in structure of profoundly intelligent PC frameworks proceeds at an ever-expanding pace, with new improvements in equipment and programming being declared more as often as possible than any time in recent memory. † (Lawson, J. Yull, S. Anderson, H. Knott, G. and Waites, N. 2005, pg 258) So with the expanding intuitive PC frameworks, inside this examination proposition I am going to discuss the issues that a client may run over as augmented reality VR, graphical UI GUI and human PC collaboration/interface HCI. The point of this unit is to give a comprehension of the significance of VR, GUI and HCI in the advancement of easy to use PC programming and to illuminate the peruser about the segments that might be associated with these highlights. The Objectives that I need to accomplish is to characterize what is implied by the terms VR, GUI and HCI. I likewise need to show what applications utilize Virtual reality, Human Computer Interaction and Graphical User Interface. The inspiration I needed to pick the subject of database ease of use issues was that I have found out about it previously and I felt certain that it is a territory that I delighted in. It is smarter to expound on something that you appreciate, so then the peruser can feel the trust in the survey. It was likewise a theme I needed to look further into particularly the HCI factor. Inside this underlying writing audit I have taken a gander at various books and sites that I feel would help me in discoveries definitions for all ease of use highlights. I additionally took a gander at what applications utilize Virtual Reality, Human Computer Interaction and Graphical User Interface. As indicated by (http://searchcio-midmarket. techtarget. com/sDefinition/0,,sid183_gci213303,00. html# ) â€Å"Virtual the truth is a counterfeit domain that is made with programming and introduced to the client so that the client suspends conviction and acknowledges it as a genuine situation. This implies the client will have a sentiment of having the option to enter a virtual world. The majority of the current augmented experience situations are shown either on a PC screen, and a few reproductions even incorporate extra tactile data, for example, sound through speakers or earphone. All the highlights cause an imagine computer generated reality world to appear to be genuine. â€Å"Th e utilizes for computer generated reality are unending. It very well may be utilized for aviation authority, medication, diversion, office work and modern structure. Be that as it may, alongside the great comes the terrible. Computer generated Reality could likewise be utilized for damaging purposes, for example, war and wrongdoing. † (http://library. thinkquest. organization/26890/virtualrealityt. htm) So with having the splendid component of being submersed into an elective world, there can be drawbacks too. For instance I would state that gaming would be one of the most mainstream computer generated realities, and in the news you likewise here about how games are taking over children’s life’s, and it is added to make kids corpulent. This is valid, however whenever utilized in the right way a VR can cause sentiment of fervor. GUI or Graphical User Interface would conceivably be the illustrations that might be utilized to help make a virtual world. Galitz, W. (2007) additionally made a valid statement in saying that â€Å"GUIs are taken a gander at as far as their parts, qualities, and focal points over the more established content based frameworks. † (Galitz, W. 2007) A splendid statement I feel was found on (http://searchwindevelopment. techtarget. com/sDefinition/0,,sid8_gci213989,00. tml). â€Å"A GUI is a graphical (as opposed to simply printed) UI to a PC. As you read this, you are taking a gander at the GUI†. I love this statement in light of the fact that it’s valid, I realize that there are no pictures or illustrations on this record, however if you somehow happened to open this archive on an internet browser this would be the graphical UI you would see. I for one feel that designs as sume a significant job inside a program whether it is a site, database or introduction. I feel as though individuals perceive pictures before text. For instance on the off chance that we take a gander at YouTube, individuals consequently perceive recordings before perusing its title or depiction. On a site your eye is attracted to a picture. So by having a program that joins excellent pictures, and possibly recordings, you will be getting the audience’s consideration. HCI or Human Computer Interaction is a procedure that assesses the connection between the client and a program. For instance does the client exploit includes a program may have, do they use earphones when utilizing a program. Everything that is utilized to make a VR (computer generated reality) or make GUI (graphical UI) is placed into play at HCI. As indicated by (Dix, A. Finlay, J. Abowd, G. and Beale, R. 2004) Human PC cooperation â€Å"is the investigation of how individuals connect with PCs and how much PCs are or are not created for fruitful communication with people. † So HCI considers the two sides of the PCs clients. It sees things like the PC designs, working framework, and programming language and on the human side as indicated by (Cairns, P. Cox, A. 2008) â€Å"communication hypothesis, realistic and mechanical structure disciplines, semantics, sociology, subjective brain science, and human execution are important. † So for a program to consolidate great HCI, it could contain highlights, for example, portable interfaces with pull-down menus, discourse books, check boxes, scroll bars and so forth. By fusing highlights like these to a program the client will feel they have to a gre ater extent a contribution on what they are doing, this essentially made by the way that the client will get the inclination that they are controlling what they do. Be that as it may, as indicated by (Preece, J. Rogers, Y. Sharp, H. Benyon, D. Holland, S. and Carey, T. 1994) â€Å"A decade prior, when our comprehension of HCI was increasingly restricted, numerous frameworks engineers may have felt that honest goals were the significant necessity for delivering a viable HCI structure. † However with the measure of changes that PCs have experienced in the previous decade, HCI is presently better than it at any point was. HCI these days is tied in with giving a client the opportunity to collaborate completely with a program whether it be a site, a game or a database and so on. With the fast increment in new innovations and PCs now littler than at any other time, with more applications accessible and further developed augmented simulation encounters; we can just consider what else can the future hold. We have just changed to advanced photos, cell phones with GPRS, something that 20 years prior would have been chuckled at. Truth be told GUI has brought a significant jump into top quality. HCI has improved with the part of touch screens and remote consoles and so forth, and Virtual Reality has even stretched out into the ergonomics segment. It has created a seat that will get sound and vibrations from a program on a PC or TV. For instance on the off chance that you get shot at in a game, you will feel as though the slug is simply passing you ear and the vibrations charm you so you have a feeling that you in the real game. Be that as it may, there is still a few inquiries that need addressed like: 1. Why hasn’t the progressions in HCI and GUI affect things like teletext? 2. I might likewise want to investigation into a gadget that has opened up in the most recent year and discover why it hasn’t been accessible previously. 3. I need to discover how far Virtual Reality can extend. 4. I might likewise want to know whether VR, HCI, GUI has majorly affected the corpulent offspring of Brittan. 5. What older individuals think about the adjustment in innovation today? 6. At last I couldn't want anything more than to know how childhoods have changed throughout the years with increasingly more PC gadgets accessible. I would utilize the web principally to accumulate my discoveries, yet I would likewise look towards books and diaries. I would utilize web crawlers to assist me with responding to address one, and two. By doing this I could visit various locales that may offer me responses. I would most likely use on-line gatherings for question three and four, to hear a forthcoming on others thoughts. In any case, for question four I would likewise utilize news sites to discover measurements assuming any. For question five I would possibly visit an older/retirement home, or convey surveys wanting to discover data that will assist me with responding to my inquiries, I would likewise utilize polls for question six yet somewhat less unpredictable perhaps. Just as the polls for question six I would presumably go to a school and ask the messes with myself, to get a genuine reaction. To acquire answers from my exploration I would design question six preceding school closes for summer, I would ask the children what they intend to accomplish for the mid year, and when they return in September I would ask similar children what they really did with the late spring. I would utilize a similar idea for question four, I would request authorization to possibly observe various children weight and stature before they left for summer, and after they come back from that point break I would gauge and measure similar children to work out if the mid year has been a functioning one. Everything else I feel has no significant surge yet perhaps for question three I would observe the greatest Virtual Reality framework there is accessible now and in a half year I would check on the off chance that it has been improved any. REFERNCES Cairns, P. Cox, A. (2008) Research Methods for Human-Computer Interaction Dix, A. Finlay, J. Abowd, G. Beale, R. (2004) Human-Computer Interaction Galitz, W. (2007) The basic manual for UI structure Lawson, J. Yull, S. Anderson, H. Knott, G. and Waites, N. (2005) BTEC National Study Guide: IT Practitioners Preece, J. Rogers, Y. Sharp, H. Benvon, D. Holland, S. Carey, T. (1994) Human Computer Interaction Tech Target (2008) Virtual Reality [on-line]: http://searchcio-midmarket. techtarget. c

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Free Essays on Dragon

The job of creatures in The Eyes of the Dragon is an exceptionally noteworthy subject in the novel. Through the improvement of the novel, the collective of animals is exceptionally clear in the novel from creepy crawlies to pooches and they all play their own, singular jobs. The incredible high contrast Andean Husky named Frisky who is, out of every last bit of her canines, Naomi’s top pick, drives Ben Staad and Naomi straightforwardly to the whereabouts of Dennis, Peter’s head servant. Flagg’s creatures are images of his arrangements for the destruction of Delain. The mythical serpent that is executed by King Roland might be considered the most the significant of all. In this story, Thomas sees Flagg murder Thomas’s father through the eyes of the mythical beast. Toward the finish of the novel, however, the entirety of the animal’s jobs become all-good. Spirited, Naomi’s friend, is a solid willed, arrogant, Anduan Husky who may have been the best hunting dog that at any point lived. This canine summarizes the importance of a man’s closest companion. Spirited, who can follow a three-day-old fragrance in the center winter, is the explanation the story happens as it does. Spirited utilizations her sharp feeling of smell to pinpoint precisely where Dennis, child of Brandon, has traveled to from Peyna’s farmhouse. Dennis’s mission is to return to the stronghold where Thomas the Tax-Bringer and Flagg, the king’s performer, live and are at high force. Peyna, who has quite recently surrendered his Judge-General’s seat, has an inclination that there is some motivation behind why Peter has requested the Royal Napkins and his mother’s dollhouse. Dennis is to discover this explanation by sending a letter to Peter, who is detained at that point. Dennis ventures from Peyna’s ranch in the Inn er Baronies back to the frightful stronghold with nothing aside from the dangers of getting murdered. After five days, with not a spirit knowing the whereabouts of Dennis, Naomi and Ben Staad (Peter’s closest companion) happen upon the abandoned ranch. Naomi’s hounds have been pulling the sleds for thirty miles right from... Free Essays on Dragon Free Essays on Dragon The job of creatures in The Eyes of the Dragon is a huge topic in the novel. Through the advancement of the novel, the collective of animals is clear in the novel from creepy crawlies to pooches and they all play their own, singular jobs. The incredible highly contrasting Andean Husky named Frisky who is, out of every last bit of her mutts, Naomi’s top pick, drives Ben Staad and Naomi legitimately to the whereabouts of Dennis, Peter’s steward. Flagg’s creatures are images of his arrangements for the ruin of Delain. The mythical serpent that is slaughtered by King Roland might be considered the most the essential of all. In this story, Thomas sees Flagg murder Thomas’s father through the eyes of the winged serpent. Toward the finish of the novel, however, the entirety of the animal’s jobs become all-good. Spirited, Naomi’s friend, is a solid willed, pompous, Anduan Husky who may have been the best hunting dog that at any point lived. This pooch summarizes the significance of a man’s closest companion. Lively, who can follow a three-day-old aroma in the center winter, is the explanation the story happens as it does. Lively uses her sharp feeling of smell to pinpoint precisely where Dennis, child of Brandon, has traveled to from Peyna’s farmhouse. Dennis’s mission is to return to the palace where Thomas the Tax-Bringer and Flagg, the king’s entertainer, live and are at high force. Peyna, who has recently surrendered his Judge-General’s seat, has an inclination that there is some motivation behind why Peter has requested the Royal Napkins and his mother’s dollhouse. Dennis is to discover this explanation by sending a letter to Peter, who is detained at that point. Dennis ventures from Peyna’s ranch in the Inner Baronies back to the dreadful manor with nothing aside from the dangers of getting slaughtered. After five days, with not a spirit knowing the whereabouts of Dennis, Naomi and Ben Staad (Peter’s closest companion) happen upon the abandoned ranch. Naomi’s hounds have been pulling the sleds for thirty miles right from...

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Autumn Questions Omnibus

Autumn Questions Omnibus Its time for another Questions Omnibus, where I answer the questions that youve asked in the comments Thanks, in part, to the transition to the new site, and my travels around the country for the office, Ive become a bit behind in answering your comments. Its been nearly two months, I apologize! Youve asked many questions, Ill do my best to answer. Even before I started answering, your questions alone were 4,000 words! - Brendan wrote, My athletics coach only sends letters of recommendation directly to the admissions office. In this case, the letter of recommendation might be sent before the actual application. Would this cause any problems since it wont be sent with the admissions application packet? That wont be a problem, no worries. We, of course, have a procedure for that. - Kelly wrote, Hi. Im sorry for the off-topic question, but I just found out that Im moving and have already submitted part 1 of my application. How do I change my address? Thanks! Dont worry! You can either email us ([emailprotected]), fax us (617-258-8304), or call us (617-253-4791) or mail us (77 Massachusetts Avenue, Room 3-108, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA). Be sure to include your full name and date of birth. - Adam wrote, Sorry for being so terribly off topic, but I was wondering I had my interview almost a month and a half ago. I sent the conducted interview form perhaps 2-3 weeks ago, and MyMIT says that it still has not been received. I was wondering if this is normal, i.e. admissions hasnt updated the accounts with interview information yet. Im just a little bit worried because my interview went well. Very interesting, and lasted over an hour and a half! Im not sure what the problem is, but Ill look into it. If it hasnt appeared on your MyMIT tracking next week, send an email to [emailprotected] - Dan wrote, sry to just jump in as a complete unknown person XD, its just that I am currently a junior studying in an International School in Shanghai China, I really wonder if there is anything I can do right now to help later college application and of course, especially for MIT =D Really hope you can maybe give me some extra tips more than the ones it gives here =p P.sri wrote, my name is P.SRI GANESH Im from India. my dream is to study Engg and Bussiness Administration in MIT.Please answer to my questions? what r the basic requirements in order to enter into MIT? I WANT TO DO UNDERGRADUATE COURSE IN MIT. WHAT IS SAT,SAT1,SAT2,TOEFL IN DETAIL? IN WHICH OF THESE EXAMS I SHOULD PREFER> WHAT R THE SYLLABUS FOR THESE TESTS? IS THERE ANY INTEGRATED COURSE FOR BOTH M.B.A AND ENGG? PLEASE RESPOND TO MY QUESTIONS AS QUICK AS POSSIBLE !! Mike wrote, hy im a student from Romania and i would like to find some information about MIT from an MIT student, so if you are willing to help me please e-mail melots of thanks Sandeep wrote, iam from india . here we dont have much awareness to enter in to the MIT. can i know it please Swapna wrote, I am living in New Zealand and I wish to put my son who is just 9 now in MIT.It is my desire and dream, not sure when he grows up what he decides. But then I want to groom him accordingly without putting any pressure so that if he wishes he can join MIT.Kindly advise when I should apply for admission and how do I prepare him for the same. Also advise if the procedure for foreign students is different. Gayathri wrote, its wonderful to see many mit students going to space.i have a great passion to go to space.i see mit is the best place where i can give shape to my dreams.i am studying at india .please tell what are requirements and exam that i should write to do my graduate course at mit Sandesh wrote, How can i get into MIT My best advice to all of you is to read this website and these blogs. They have quite extensive information. Thanks for reading! - Zain wrote, I am applying to MIT this November and had a question. You mentioned that your were asked about certain things individuals could do to demonstrate their interest and/or abilities in the realm of computer science. There are certain things that I have done that dont really have a designated space on the MIT application. Would it be acceptable then, to submit a Resume? Are resumes disliked by the admissions office? I would recommend describing to us your CS projects in the optional essay. You may also submit a resume in addition to filling out the rest of the application. I would try to fit your accomplishments into the application as best you can as it is, and supplement it as you need with any supplements. - Vihang wrote, Is there any place where i can get these [ZigZag] videos in a format other than .m4v ? My comp is having trouble playing .m4v, the video lags. I dont know, but I would directly ask the producers via their feedback form. - Sanjay wrote, I am currently a freshman in high school in Atlanta, but Ive wanted to attend MIT for a while now. I was wondering how the carrer fair was and how one prepares for it. What exactly do the employers want andwell what do I do? The answer to this can be best provided by the MIT Careers Office. Their job is to help MIT students prepare for things like this. Check out their site, and check them out during Career Week if you come to MIT. - Stefan wrote, QUESTION: Does CIA recruites international students? :) I dont know, Id guess they wouldnt for formal jobs, but maybe if you were the son or daughter of an important politician, they might recruit you in another way - Jeff wrote, Im applying to MIT EA, but the November SAT results wont come out till mid-November. In the application, would I write in my old scores, or leave the boxes blank? Either way is fine. We will use the official score reports. - Sylvia wrote, Aww, I live in Las Vegas. Too bad you didnt visit here. Would you know of any interviewers available here by any chance? Yes, we have about a half dozen interviewers in Clark County, including one of my former dorm mates. To find out who your interviewer is, log on to MyMIT (if you are a senior). - Jennifer wrote, This is a general question. Do you accept additional letters of recommendation from coaches or project advisors besides the 2 required ones? Yes. Coaches and project advisors can make for good supplemental letters of recommendation. I previously wrote about this here; maybe I should post an updated version of that one - Benjamin wrote, Could you also give more specific recommendations on how to fill out certain parts of the application [for homeschoolers]? For example, should I have a parent fill out the secondary school report, or should I have the school districts home school coordinator do that? Also, for home schooled students the line is sometimes blurred between extracurricular activities and coursework. For example, I practice Judo primarily for my own enjoyment, but its also counted as PE on my transcript. Should I list it as an extracurricular and mention that its also on my transcript as a class? For the secondary school report, whoever it makes the most sense to fill it out should fill it out. If is a parent, then the parent should fill it out. As for the judo, I would feel comfortable listing it as an extracurricular in addition to as a PE, if you like. - Anonymous wrote, any specific thoughts for international homeschoolers? No, nothing comes to mind. It should be pretty much the same as for other international applicants, and as for other homeschoolers. - Samra wrote, Very interesting! Can you comment on what MIT likes to see or *not* see, as far as how many AP courses, community college courses, etc. a student has under his belt already. I understand that with some universities, you cannot be accepted as an undergraduate if youve taken too many cc classes. Also, some universities transfer cc credits, others count the classes but dont give the credit, still others make you retake everything. Can you fill me in on some of the specifics of MIT? We have never disqualified someone for admission for having too many college or AP courses (though if you are enrolled in a college degree program, you would be considered a transfer applicant). As for transfer credit, you can read all the details here. - Sandy wrote, My question is whether AP classes are recognized and how many are considered minimum. My son takes electives at the public school and does other subjects at home is there an advantage as he is partially schooled? Does MIT recognize courses taken by homeschoolers in other universities/community colleges. Do you recommend opencourseware over CTY or EPGY? AP courses are recognized, both for admissions and for credit. There is no minimum number of courses (we admit many, many students every year with no AP courses). There is no advantage for being partially schooled, or for being homeschooled, or for being traditionally schooled we evaluate every applicant in their own context. As I noted above, MIT does recognize university courses. I dont necessarily recommend OCW over EPGY or CTY; in fact, I suspect for students with the financial resources, guided programs like the EPGY/CTY online courses will be better for more students. OCW is best for those students who are very self-motivated and can lead themselves and teach themselves. I hope this helps! Also, tokenadult responded, See MIT admission officer Ben Joness blog for a statement about how many APs are enough. P.S. The answer is, as many (or as few) as are the next logical step for you as you pursue your personal learning plan. - Catherine wrote, Ive also wondered about the AP classes. If a homeschool student takes classes at the university, e.g., all their calculus, diff eq, linear algebra, number theory, that sort of thing, and calculus-based physics, is there any point in that student also taking the equivalent AP classes? Would the college classes serve the same purpose? Im asking for my daughter, who is homeschooled. She is what they call a Young Scholar at a local university, that is a student in high school or middle school who takes classes at the university (as a part time student). When she graduates, she will have calculus, multivariable calculus, linear algebra, several problem solving seminars, some number theory, and possibly real and/or complex analysis, depending on her schedule. Thats why Im wondering if she needs to take the AP or other exams to demonstrate her advanced standing. Wouldnt the university transcript demonstrate that as well? If she is taking these university courses, I wouldnt see a real need to take the AP exam. The exception is that the standardized process for receiving credit at MIT and many other universities is easier with AP/IB scores. You may wish to read the firstyear site for more information. - Jacob wrote, I am a homeschooler/public schooler. I homeschooled my freshman and sophomore years. I am currently in a public school for my junior and senior years. How would this help if any with my application? Also, how would I put this on my application? This would not help or hurt your application; we will evaluate you within this context. When you go to fill out your application, I assure you it will be easy to document your schooling to us in the Part 1. - Oystein wrote, Will there be any international meetings like this? If not, it would be great if you could publish your powerpoint or maybe even a video of the presentation! And Euong wrote, Sorry but does MIT come to Asian Countries? Im sorry, but this year, we are only doing two international meetings: one in Mexico, and one in Canada. Hopefully, the website and blogs are quite helpful! Let us know what more we can tell you via these media. - Harsimran wrote, 1. Do AP exams ensure advantage in the admission process? In India, AP Exams are not part of standard school curriculumhow can a student take these exams in India? 2. Does applying for financial aid hamper our chance of admission in any way? 3. How can I access your answers to queries posted in Feb 2006 ? 4. A special circumstance indigenous to (most) Indian students : Here in India, schools are a formality in Classes 11th and 12th. The IIT-JEE and AIEEE entrance examination syllabi is a lot different from what the CBSE prescribes in the school for Classes 11th and 12th. To prepare for the IIT and AIEEE examinations, most of the students go for private tutorials. The attendance in school is a formality. As a result, the Extra- Curricular chart falls down in Classes 11th and 12th as most of the activities are organized by school. Olympiads etc are an exception as even private participation is allowed. How does your selection committee view this scenario ?? 4a. As a personal example, I have loads of extra-curricular activities till class 10 leadership qualities, art(glass painting, shading, natural and still-life), quizzes, debates, rifle shooting etc. But the participation is not so good in Classes 11th and 12th. What do you suggest I should do at this point of time so that my admission is not hampered in any way? 1. AP exams do not ensure advantage. Dont worry about APs if this isnt part of your curriculum. 2. Applying for financial aid does NOT hamper your chance of admission in any way. 3. All of my previous blog entries can be found here. 4. We will review all applicants within their context, while still continuing to look for strong MIT matches. Honestly, we do expect students to still have high levels of achievement and involvement in their communities. 4a. I dont have any suggestions for you. You need to prioritize your own life and education as is best for you. I hope this is helpful. - Allison wrote, Im applying as a transfer student to MIT. My brother has been invited to a freshman information session near us. Am I allowed and would it benefit me to attend? You are welcome to attend. Nearly every information session I do on the road has at least one prospective transfer student. You should know that the focus of these meetings will be on freshman admission, but many of the concepts discussed will be applicable to transfer admission. - Anshuman wrote, Hey Matt, the only date for a TOEFL test in my city is on Dec 15,2006. Will my application be affected if I give it then because results will not be declared by January 1? Your application will not be affected. We will have your TOEFL scores in plenty of time to make a decision. - Benjamin wrote, Im a homeschooled student going into my senior year. However, one thing on Part II of the application confuses me: the instructions on the self-reported coursework section clearly state, To be completed by students in U.S. school systems only. First, should I complete that? I live in New York and report to the Ithaca City School District, but Im not sure if that counts as being in a U.S. school system. Second, and purely out of curiosity, why do you have only U.S. students complete that section? Yes, you should fill out the self-reported coursework section. The form was designed for applicants in US schools, and often does not fit into other countries schooling systems. But dont worry, were professionals and can figure it out; no worries. - Aja wrote a long and heartfelt question in this entry. Aja, I dont know what to tell you, but if you think youd regret it if you didnt apply, well, youll never know unless you try. - Ashley wrote, I applied in a hurry last year and was rejected. Though disappointed with the outcome of my application, I took it as a blessing in disguise as the gap year was soul-searching. I am more prepared this year and wish to reapply. However, I could not register another MyMIT account to fill in the application for Class of 2011 nor can I change the year of entry in my previous MyMIT account to 2007. Any solution proposed? Thank you in advance. I think you should be able to reregister now; if you cant, please contact our office. - Christos wrote, My parents gave me the name Christos Apostolos; you can imagine that as a first name and a second name, respectively (though not exactly a middle name). A few years ago my school counselor told me that I should use just Christos for my account, international competitions and US applications, and so I did. The problem is that in my passport in the first-name entry it says CHRISTOS-APOS (the rest wont fit). Does this mean that if I apply as just Christos, as instructed, to MIT (and other universities) I will have a problem of some sort? (VISA, or anything else) Also (I hope I get to ask 2 questions in one comment), I had taken the (old) SAT 3-4 years ago and that score report does not show up in my account. I dont think it really adds much to my application, but then again, Im not an admissions officer. Is there a chance youll receive that score along with the rest of my latest scores? Everything should be okay, Visa-wise. Be sure to work closely with our International Students Office if you are admitted. As for the old scores, I wouldnt worry at all about them, really. - Dan wrote, My application tracking says there is no EC in my area so my interviews been waived. Can this change? Is that final? just curious, thanks. It could change. If you have a question about interviews, email [emailprotected] - Someone wrote, 1) About how many female applicants are there each year? 2)Would a recommendation from a Computer Science teacher count as the Math/Science recommendation? 1) In 2005, 2832 [CDS]. 2) Absolutely, a CS teacher is a great choice for Evaluation A. - Kwan wrote, Im going to take the ACT without writing in September to get college application fee waivers from my school. Would I be able to include these scores on my application, even though it is specified that I take the ACT with writing? (I already have SAT scores, including writing.) Yes. - Felix wrote, I have heard of the immense impact RSI makes on admissions committees and the rumor that RSI means guaranteed admissions to some top school. This year I applied and was named an RSI alternate obviously, very disappointing. My friend, a rickoid himself, said RSI alternate doesnt really mean anything and will not help in the admissions process. Is this true? thanks! RSI does not mean guaranteed admission to top schools. I would guess that RSI selected students and RSI alternates perform roughly similarly in college admissions. - Leah wrote, you said that i could apply for mit as a freshman after attending college only if i was a non-degree seeking student. however, in korea you declare your major when you apply for the school and thats usually the major with which you graduate. would being accepted into and taking courses in a specific department be considered degree-seeking? truthfully, i dont know a lot about how colleges work and dont know exactly what degree-seeking defines. if you could just clear that up for me thatd be great. for the recommendations from our highschool teachers, if i were attending college at the time of application, there would be absolutely nothing wrong with getting the recommendations from a college professor, right? or what if i applied before that, but didnt feel my highschool teachers knew me well enough to give a accurate assessment?(becuase of the hierarchy system ingrained in korean culture, as well as the school system itself, teachers are more figures of authority than people eager to befriend their hundreds of students) am i allowed to get the recommendations from my middle school teachers? highly improbable, i would guess, but is there a possibility? is there anyone else who could do them? If you are a full-time university student when you apply to MIT, you must apply as a transfer student, unless you are classified as a non-degree or non-enrolled student. We would like recommendations from educators who have taught you in your high school years (for freshman admission). In some cases, this could be a college professor. College professors or middle school teachers could also write you a supplemental recommendation. - Anonymous wrote, Awhile back I regiestered for a MyMIT account. That was oh say, a year and a half ago. Needless to say, I forgot my password, and had it locked down after trying to guess my own password. Now it says, Your account has been locked. Please contact the MIT Admissions Department. Contact the admissions office how you say? AND even more important, and infinitely more stupid, Im a little embarrassed to call random MIT phone #s and ask around, so I thought somebody here could spare me the humiliation. You can call us at 617-253-4791 between 9am-5pm Eastern time Monday-Friday, and we can help. You can also email us at [emailprotected] - Anshuman wrote, Will it be a problem if i give my SAT II in November, because the application process deadlines 1st January and SAT II scores might not come out in time. It will not be a problem; we can accept December (and sometimes January) scores for the Regular Action deadline. We can also accept November scores for the Early Action deadline. - Fan wrote, Totally off topic, Matt, but I truly love ZigZag. When is the next episode coming out? Is there a regular schedule, or is it just whenever you all collect enough stories or events to build one? Im glad you enjoy it! ZigZag, at present, comes out every few weeks. For specific questions/comments, you can directly ask the producers via their feedback form. - Rach wrote, Hi Matt! Im considering applying to MIT this year, and I had some questions regarding the application. I spent the last 10 1/2 months(my Junior year) on exchange in Germany. How can I relate my experiences through the application?(through Essays, Activities, etc part 14?) How would MIT like my transcripts from Germany (can I just send a copy or would they like the school I was at to send an original?) How would you regard and consider the grades on the transcripts? Rach, I look forward to hearing about your experiences in Germany! It could be through essays, activities list, the interview, supplemental recommendations, whatever suits you best. If your grades from Germany are on your high school transcript, you can just send that; if you have an official transcript from Germany, you can send that (we are familiar with the German school system). We certainly are aware about the lack of grade inflation in Germany (and much of the rest of the non-American world) and will treat your grades accordingly. - SUchi wrote, off-topic: Can I send Part I of the application in the mail and complete Part II online? Yes. - Dan wrote, Hellooo Matt. I have a question about the SAT math subject test requirement. well in the applying info, it says math level 1 and 2 scores are weighed equally but which one we take should depend on how much math weve taken. well in june after pre-cal I took both thinking the higher one will count. I got 110 points higher on level 1 than on level 2 (I took level 1 in the first hour and level 2 in the 3rd hour and my brain was dead by level 2 time!) SO do you still just look at whichever one is higher (level 1) despite that Ive taken the math for level 2? so come october should I retake level 2 or stay with a 780 in math level >ONE Please do not retake any SAT Math Subject Test with a 780. Youre all good. - Alex wrote, Hi, I have a question about the application. If we do an extracurricular that is not obvious from the name (say, Odyssey of the Mind), should we expect you to know what it is or should we write about what it is in our supplemental section or possibly point you to where you can learn more about it? First, we definitely know what Odyssey of the Mind is. Secondly, yes, in general, you can feel free to point us to supplemental materials which explain in more depth your activities. - Reg wrote, Im planning to get a higher diploma in translation before going to university. In Hong Kong, higher diplomas are just below associate degrees, so would I be able to apply as a freshman? or would I have to transfer to MIT? If I were to apply as a freshman at the end of secondary school then take a gap year, would MIT allow me to use that gap year to get a higher diploma? You can apply as a freshman, and you can use your gap year to earn your higher diploma in translation. - Anonymous wrote, Ive heard alot of talk about affirmative action (especially complaints). When I first heard about it, I didnt think much of it, just the that youre trying to give underrepresented minorities representation. Well, to come to the question, how much weight is really put into this? Ive read the generic qualified underrepresentd minority students are accepted, but what does that mean? What is qualified; competitive? Give me an example please (though Im pretty sure youll give me an evasive answer to the example request). I doubt Ill be able to give you an answer that will satisfy you, since you already expect my answer to be evasive. I cannot, for example, give you an example. We practice holistic, qualitative admissions, so its not as easy as providing SAT scores or GPAs. On an applicant-by-applicant basis, we evaluate students, and we do admit well qualified students as in our affirmative action policy. If youre looking for an interesting read for more background on this subject, Id recommend The Shape of the River by Bowen Bok. - Kelly wrote, Hi, I have a question about the self-reported coursework section of the application. At my school, there are some classes, like anatomy physiology, that are not called advanced there is no general anatomy and advanced anatomy, just one anatomy class. But the gpa is weighted like an advanced class (4.5 for an A, 3.5 for a B, etc). Should I list every class with a gpa weighted this way as honors, or should I only list classes that are officially labeled advanced (like adv chemistry as opposed to general chemistry)? Also, I took some classes for high school credit in the 8th grade, like Latin. Should these be listed? And Andrew wrote, Id like to second Kellys question, in a way. At my school, some courses are advanced but are not weighted/have no honors status. For example, Precalculus and Trig/Analytical Geom. cover most of the same material yet Precalc covers more, is for 10th/11th graders as opposed to 12th graders, and is much harder. Is this really worth explaining, because Id feel like I was just wasting my [and your!] time Especially because my school doesnt offer Honors in a lot of classes [Algebra I, Algebra II, Spanish, etc.]. Or should this all be covered by the school summary my school sends or whatever? Sorry for being so rambly! And thanks a lot! If you have a class that is weighted like an honors class, you can feel free to list it as an honors class. You can list high school courses taken in junior high on the form, but if you dont have room, you can leave them off. As for how to explain trickier distinctions between courses, I would discuss that with your guidance counselor. It may be that it is already explained on your school profile, which we will receive and read. - Samira wrote, What is the best GPA for an MIT applicant? (for a top International student with best honors and TOEFL mark) There is no best GPA, though we do expect you to have strong marks. That doesnt mean you need to have a perfect GPA, but we do hope that you have succeeded in a rigorous curriculum. Everything else being equal, higher marks are obviously better, but most admitted students do have less-than-perfect grades. - Samira wrote, How do you choose your students with different educational systems and schools from International applicants? for example,Iran has hard educational system and for example GPA 4.5 is very good in Iran and getting a national olympiad medal is very difficult because you must cut some of your classes and read only the Mathematical,Astronomical or sciences for the competition. We work hard to evaluate every applicant within the context of their country, school system, family and community background, and more. We are actually quite familiar with the situations in many countries around the world, and we are able to fairly evaluate students from many backgrounds. - Finally, because some people are confused about this each year, we admit what we anticipate to be 30% of our enrolling class early. This past year, we admitted 377 students early, anticipating an 80% yield, or 301 of those students to enroll. Ultimately, we saw 299 of them enroll (pretty good guesswork!). This was 29.8% of our enrolling class. We deferred 2370 applicants who we felt could be competitive in the regular action pool, and put them at equal standing with the regular action applicants. Ultimately, 295 deferred students were among the 1106 students we admitted during regular action. Again, we aspire to leave 70% of our class to be filled during regular action, with competitive students deferred from early and applying regular evaluated on equal standing.

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The Prodigal Son in Great Expectations Essay - 2744 Words

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens is an elaborate retelling of the Biblical parable of the prodigal son (Ryken 157). It follows the life of Pip as he rises through and falls from society. He begins his life as an orphaned boy in a blacksmith’s home to become a young gentleman of â€Å"great expectations†. Pip forsakes the love and care of his guardian, Joe Gargery, for advancement in society. Misfortunes befall him; he loses all his wealth and he is forced to return to his home. Pip is the prodigal son who ungratefully leaves his home and squanders all his wealth. Joe Gargery is the loving father who patiently forbears and lovingly welcomes his boy back. Pip’s redemption is revealed in the novel. Great Expectations is a bildungsroman; it is†¦show more content†¦Joe armed with wrath and â€Å"Tickler† (Dickens 7). Joe wishes that Pip would not have to bear the brunt of â€Å"Tickler†; he wishes that he could â€Å"‘take it allâ₠¬â„¢Ã¢â‚¬  himself (Dickens 51). Joe takes a kindly, brotherly interest in Pip; he and Pip share a â€Å"good-natured companionship† (Dickens 9). When Pip refrains from eating his bread and butter, which he intends to save for the convict, Joe believes that Pip has lost his appetite. Joe becomes â€Å"uncomfortable† and does not â€Å"enjoy† his food (Dickens 9). Joe often encourages and motivates Pip. When Pip presents Joe with his first specimen of writing, Joe declares that Pip is a â€Å"‘scholar’† (Dickens 73). When Pip complains about his commonness, Joe says that Pip is â€Å"‘oncommon’†. He wisely observes that â€Å"‘you must be a common scholar afore you can be a oncommon one’† (Dickens 73). Joe’s kindness and generosity also extends beyond his family. When the convict confesses that he stole some food from the blacksmith, Joe says that he is â€Å"‘welcome to it’†; he would not want even a convict to be â€Å"‘starved to death’† (Dickens 40). However, when Pip pays his first visit to Satis House, his loyalties began to shift (Kappel 116). Like the prodigal son, Pip becomes discontent with his humble origin and longs for a life of prestige. After only one visit to Miss Havisham, Pip already begins to feel discontent and ashamed. Estella’s prideful and scornful attitude makes him feel inferior. Estella derogatorilyShow MoreRelatedThe Theme Of Compassion Mercy1898 Words   |  8 Pagesinterpretation of Jesus’ actions and parables, in comparison to the other Gospels in the New Testament of the bible. I explore these major themes in Luke’s Gospel, in relation to the parables of â€Å"The Prodigal Son† (Luke 15:11-32), â€Å"The Good Samaritan† (Luke 10:25-37) and the miracle story of the â€Å"Widow’s Son at Nain† (Luke 7:11-17). I develop the connection of the significance of the themes in the scriptures and in the lives of the Early Christians. I relate mercy and compassion to Catholic traditionsRead MoreReflection Paper on Shakespeare Class1344 Words   |  5 PagesI had no clue what Shakespeare works are all about, or even reading his play, let alone his sonnet and the iambic pentameter. It took a while to grasp the concept of it and understand the concept in which Shakespeare was writing his poetry. My expectations for the class was not that much. I just told myself let me get this done and finished with. Throughout the course of this semester I have learned a lot. I have become a better writer, at least in my eyes. The different writing assignments wereRead MoreGo Ask Alice By An Anonymous Teenage Girl942 Words   |  4 Pageshurt anyone in this whole world. I wouldn’t hurt them physically or emotionally, how then can people so consistently do it to me? Even my parents treat me like I’m stupid and inferior and ever short. I guess I’ll never measure up to anyone’s expectations† (2). However, life with her family was not always so dismal in the beginning; amid the excitement of moving to a new place Alice seemed to have forgotten her woes and feelings toward her mother’s nagging and pressure from both father and motherRead MoreA Speech On Cornerstone Education1086 Words   |  5 Pagesâ€Æ' Cornerstone Education PGS I have received my Associates degree in Business this week, I am thrilled by this accomplishment. I did not plan that I would finish, I thought that I would enjoy each moment of this journey without expectations and I did. The Professional and Graduate Studies program at Cornerstone University has enriched my life with the freedom to write in my worldview, to reflect creatively, and invited a new way of being outside my inner circle that has opened a bigger world. TheRead MoreA Speech On Cornerstone Education1008 Words   |  5 PagesCornerstone Education PGS I have received my Associates degree in Business this week, I am thrilled by this accomplishment. I did not plan that I would finish, I thought that I would enjoy each moment of this journey without expectations and I did. The Professional and Graduate Studies program at Cornerstone University has enriched my life with the freedom to write in my worldview, to reflect creatively, and invited a new way of being outside my inner circle that has opened a bigger world. TheRead MoreFemale Sexuality Throughout Shakespeare s Hamlet 1713 Words   |  7 Pagesand most importantly, their individual deaths. Queen Gertrude is the mother to Hamlet, widow to the late King, and new wife to King Claudius as shown within the first act of Hamlet. Following her marriage to King Claudius, her relationship with her son Hamlet becomes strained. Queen Gertrude symbolizes much of what is considered to be a negative aspect of womanhood. To Hamlet, Queen Gertrude is a failure of a woman. Through his dialogue, it is presented that Hamlet desires a woman and mother to beRead MoreA Study of Parables Taken From Lukes Gospel Essay4604 Words   |  19 Pagesto recognize why parables are described as comparisons because in many parables there is a popular theme associated with comparing the kingdom of God with objects and people. For example in the parable of the lost son also known as the prodigal son. The forgiveness from the kingdom of God is compared to human forgiveness. Another example is in the parable of the lost sheep where we humans are compared with sheep that go astray. Some parables are very shortRead More Confrontations Between Young and Old in Shakespeares King Lear1751 Words   |  8 Pagesillustrated between the family.   The older generation is Lear himself, and the younger generation consists of his daughters Goneril, Regan and Cordelia.   In the second plot of the play, Gloucester represents the older generation, and his sons, Edmund and Edgar exemplifies the younger generation.   Both younger generations can be divided into two distinct groups.   Goneril, Regan and Edmund are the villains in both the plots and Edgar and Cordelia are the loyal, faithful childrenRead MoreCharles Dickens Great Expectations Essay1952 Words   |  8 Pagesand young adults with a stable family can answer these questions without drastically changing their lives. Those with steady influences often have authoritative guidance to navigate these uncertainties. Philip â€Å"Pip† Pirrip of Charles Dickens’s Great Expectations, however, is an orphan reared in a provincial and simple life. He lacks an intellectual father figure to answer these questions, so he is forced to elucidate his own solutions. The closest substitute to a father is Joe Gargery, Pip’s genuineRead Moreexamples of classification paragraph about nursing2241 Words   |  9 Pagesthe paragraph and enables a reader to establish his expectation of what is to come. THE BODY is the main part of the paragraph, which is developed sequentially. THE CONCLUSION, the writer summarizes what he has already discussed in the main part and finishes his presentati on of the idea. The following paragraph is an example. Sample Paragraph: Although the New Testament writers used the popular language of their day, they often achieved great dignity and eloquence. Convinced of the greatness of

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What Was The Right Religion For Me - 921 Words

It was not until my freshmen world geography class where I learned about the variety of religions, that I began to question what I truly believe in and what was the right religion for me. My parents being catholic passed on their religious beliefs and actions naturally to me. I grew up with the same catholic stories and traditions for ages and I never really understood it as a child, therefore I never really believed in them. For the majority of my life I heard these stories, beliefs, and practices but never dedicated myself to them because I had inhabited a general and open prospect in life. After learning about the vast majority of culture and religions that other people practiced I spark of wonder came upon me as if I needed to know more about the other beliefs that there were. At this moment I truly realized that the Catholic religion was basically forced on me and I didn t have the option to choose freely on what I want to believe in. An important tradition in Catholicism is att ending a religious retreat. I had been trying to avoid participation in this retreat because I figured there would only be stuck-up, uptight, catholic people trying to force their beliefs on me and attempt to change me and expose me to a completely strict lifestyle. However, to not upset my parents, I agreed to go but I told myself that I would not participate in any of the activities, that I wouldn t talk to anyone, and at the end of the day go home without my beliefs changing. On the ride toShow MoreRelatedResponsibility in Religion Essay672 Words   |  3 PagesAll through my life I have lived according to the ways that I was advised and taught, by my parents, Sunday school teachers and most importantly my Bible, to know how to differentiate the right from the wrong. Through the good and the detestable the joys and the sorrows, I always managed to live through the mistakes I made. It then became intuitive for me to know when it was right to laugh or cry, or to feel happy or sad. The young woman, I am today is exactly who I want to be, with the additionRead MoreThe Value of Religion Essay1354 Words   |  6 PagesThe Value of Religion In the essay, â€Å"Is Religion Bad or Good?† John Stahl reveals his thoughts on how religion is not necessarily good even though it is supposed to be. He points out five different religions including Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, and Quaker as he gathers his opinion on each. Stahl lets it be known that no religion is really bad, yet they all have their own errors. He stops to say that in his opinion, â€Å"both Jews and Moslems should evolve their religious beliefsRead MoreI Have Become So Open-Minded To The World And The People935 Words   |  4 Pagesbecome so open-minded to the world and the people around me because of this class. I learned many things in this class that I never thought would interest me. I came to this class with the mentality that I would not enjoy it and all and all I wanted on the first day of class was for the semester to be over. I was afraid of what I was going to discover and afraid to uncover myself. I think that my biggest fear w as to connect with other religions. Without realizing I wanted to keep myself in my own littleRead MoreReflection On The World Religions Course861 Words   |  4 PagesShere World religions REFLECTION ON THE WORLD RELIGIONS COURSE. In the World religions class PHIL 1760, I have come to gain a lot of experience and learnt very helpful things in my life related to religion in particularly. I have come to learn that Religion is a way of life that one chooses to find his/her tranquility. For example Buddhists meditate as a means to find enlightment and they find such in only their religion and that’s the reason they have faith and hope in their religion. The purposeRead MoreRights and Freedoms766 Words   |  4 PagesPOS – 301 January 15, 2013 Mr. Elliott Rights and Freedoms What would it be like if we as American citizens did not have any rights or freedoms? Thankfully we will never have to worry about thanks in regards to our founding fathers and the Bill of Rights. In this essay I will discuss which freedom in the First Amendment to the Constitution is most relevant to me personally. I will also analyze and discuss the significance of the Bill of Rights and subsequent notable amendments to the U.S.Read MoreReflection Paper On Religion1363 Words   |  6 PagesThis class has allowed me to be more open to exploring different religions. Growing up in a conservative and Christian household, studying other religions was unthinkable. My parents believed that there was only one true theology which was the Christian theology, so understanding other religions was therefore pointless and sacrilegious. Each book I read this semester allowed me to rethink about religions in a new way. The two books that influenced me the most in this class was Malcolm X and Whe n GodRead MoreArgumentative Essay On Freedom Of Religion1177 Words   |  5 Pagesfreedom of religion. As stated in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, freedom of religion averts our government from compelling citizens to practice any single kind of religion. Thanks to this marvelous Amendment, all kinds of religious practices feel comfortable practicing their religion in America Muslims, Christians, and Jews all of these people are part of the largest religions in the world, but what do they all have in common, besides being a religion? At a certainRead MoreThe Importance Of The First Amendment1239 Words   |  5 Pagesexercised right by U.S citizens. First amendment states â€Å"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.† Meaning, as citizens, the Constitution protects our freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly and petition the government. This amendment is a good reflection of what AmericaRead MoreEssay on Give Me that Old Time Atheist Religion1266 Words   |  6 PagesGive Me that Old Time Atheist Religion Recently, Ive noticed that some of my friends have become concerned about me because Im an atheist. This is odd, because Ive never made any secret of that fact, although I dont go around preaching it to anyone who will listen. Ever since I realized that I no longer agreed with any of the religious viewpoints which I was brought up with, I have explained my opinions, as clearly as I can, to those who were interested, curious, or who challenged by beliefsRead MoreThe Religions Of Afro Brazilian Religions1159 Words   |  5 PagesThroughout this chapter there were eight major woman-centered religions discussed. Afro-Brazilian Religions; which seems to incorporate elements of Amerindian religions, African tribal religions, Catholicism, and Kardecism. Public rituals in which a female medium would be possessed by spirits was a main feature of this religion. Black Carib Religion; This religion had some of the same main features as Afro-Brazilian religions such as communicating with spirits and instead of female mediums contacting

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Greek Empire and the Renaissance Shaping the New World Free Essays

Other pull factors such as ideas of political, economic, and social freedom along with trade and exploration of nations hat were an inherent part of the European Renaissance lead to the questioning the Catholic Church and its powers over the people, which ultimately led to the desire for a new place to practice these freedoms. The Greek Empire reached its political peak as a result of simple trial and error. Originally, they began as a monarchy, developed into an oligarchy, and finally advanced into what is now known as the first form of democracy, or power of the people. We will write a custom essay sample on Greek Empire and the Renaissance: Shaping the New World or any similar topic only for you Order Now They strongly believed that in order to be a strong, united, successful nation that there had to be an educated electorate, which eater became the central idea of what the founding fathers established this newly emerging nation on: an idea of freedom. The Greek, much like America later on, were split up into different social classes: slaves, non-slaves, men, and women. Women in Greece were not entitled to a social life, much less a voice in politics, bit rather picked up their social status along with everything else from their husbands. Likewise, the Roman Empire played a critical role in the discovery and foundation of the New World. The Romans were the strongest, largest Empire throughout history due to heir advancement in technology, their form of government which was even able to withstand a weak leader, and their their powerful military which enabled them to conquer many nations, expanding the empire further than any other, spanning from Turkey to England. As a result of the fall of the Roman Empire, the entirety of Europe experienced two to three-hundred years of little to no progress and religious conflict. During this time, art and culture was being lost and the only knowledge left was what survived in the monasteries; education was scarce. This period was known as the Dark Ages, also known as the Early Middle Ages, which then led to the Renaissance. The Renaissance was a rebirth of classical learning. Everything that was lost and forgotten during the Dark Ages was coming to light. During this time, European people gained a sense of hope and individualism rather than tradition. People began thinking for themselves for the first time in hundreds of years and began to explore art, music, drama, philosophy, and most importantly exploration of the world and questioning of the Catholic Church’s authority over the people. For example, â€Å"The Roman Catholic Church taught that an individual could gain favor with God by what were called â€Å"good works†. [Martin] Luther believed that he, as a sinner, was condemned in the eyes of God and that nothing could help him. Despite doing many good works, Luther found no peace of mind†¦ Lather’s main complaint against the Catholic Church was that it was supporting a system that left sinners in sin – and this was the institution that was meant to save lost souls !!†¦ In October 1517, Luther pinned his â€Å"95 Theses† to a church door in Wattenberg. â€Å"(â€Å"Martin Luther. ) When our nodding fathers designed what was the foundation of our country, they brought ideas such as democracy from the Greek Empire and similar social practices such as the split classes. Likewise, practices such as religious freedom, intellect, and art, developed during the Renaissance, were influences that shaped the New World in a powerful wa y. During a time of desperation for freedom and a fresh start, founding fathers brought the strongest ideas from significant civilizations and time periods in European history, which essentially shaped what we know as the New World. How to cite Greek Empire and the Renaissance: Shaping the New World, Papers

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) The Palanetary Bargain

Question: Discuss the importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and elaborate on its possible advantages and dis-advantages. Answer: Corporate social responsibility (CSR) refers to the ways in which the organization integrates economic, social, environmental concerns to the values and decision making in a transparent and accountable manner so as to improve the society. These elements of CSR are inter-related inter-connected and used by firms where they operate. It shall be seen that, CSR has been referred to as a central management concern (Hunnicutt, 2009). Different organization practice CSR in a different manner. Therefore, corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been referred to as a voluntary activity which is done by the employees society as a whole. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) refers to the series of events which the organization does in order to give back to the community and earn more profits. According to Horrigan 2010, there is no specific definition of what corporate social responsibility (CSR) is. Baker 2004, on the other hand defines CSR as the process opted by the organizations to produce an overall positive impact on the society. The following portion of the essay takes into consideration the advantages dis-advantages of corporate social responsibility (CSR). The first advantage of CSR is the improved version of the organization. With the help of CSR, the corporation will be able to earn high levels of goodwill. This serves dual purpose i.e. people would want to buy the product offered by the organization and other similar business corporations would want to be associated with the firm in a long run. This increases the image of the organization and its name would be synonyms with reliability goodness. Third party would want to be associated with the organization as it would be referred to as the best in the market (Zu, 2009). Second advantage of CSR is increased attraction retention of the employees. It shall be taken into consideration that, companies who are highly committed to CSR values find it easier to retain and recruit the employees. People want to get associated with organizations that care about the well - being of its employees by providing them with good work conditions. Financial assistance, regular appraisals will help the corporation to attain and retain more employees. In short, if the companys workforce is happy it will help the organization to earn more profits due to their increased efficiency. Thirdly, company attracts more capital inflow from various other sources. It shall be seen that, the image of the company plays an important in grasping investors. Therefore, companies who are engaged in regular CSR commitments get a massive boost and hence people invest in operations massively. The next advantage of CSR would be an increased positive publicity. It shall be taken into consideration that any publicity for company shall be referred to as good publicity. More and more people shall know about the products they offer (Visser, 2007). A good CSR program will help the organization to give good publicity and enhance its brand value. Good publicity also helps the orga nization to have an edge over its competitors. The competitors might be selling the product at a lower rate, but since the company with good CSR values is giving back to the society, therefore, people do not restrict themselves in spending an extra amount for the same. Lastly, companies who have invested in the CSR activities, the operations department shall be made sure that it does not harm the environment in any manner. Therefore, innovation of machines tools which will help to reduce wastes from the organization will help the company to have a clean environment (Trong, (2012). Apart from the advantages of CSR mentioned above there are various dis-advantages of the same. The first and foremost disadvantage of CSR is to shift from profit motive organization. Mitlon Friedman, an economist is the biggest critic of corporate social responsibility (CSR). He believes that, CSR shifts the main focus of the company i.e. its a financial entity first not a non - profit organization. He also states that, company tends to forget its obligations towards the stakeholders and the revenues they have to earn. Instead of engaging in profit making they are involved in CSR campaigns. The second disadvantage of CSR is customer conviction. As stated above, people tend to get attracted to companies who follow the CSR initiatives. People like the fact that, these programs are for a good cause (Tilt, 2016). But, CSR in the long run when does not gives instant results the customer feels that these are no less than publicity stunts. Therefore, it becomes a difficult task to convince the customers when the results take some time in coming out. Third disadvantage of CSR is the increased cost of production. It has been seen that, CSR leads to an increase in the cost of production. The increased expenditure can be seen in the increased prices of the products which the customer has to pay. It shall be noticed that, big corporations might not increase the prices but the small organizations will not be able to sustain in the market in the long run (Crowther Capaldi, 2008). Lastly, corporate social responsibility (CSR) will hamper the reputation of the company in a long run. It has been seen that, companies who practice CSR campaigns sometimes have to disclose the flaws in their own products if they tend to violate the CSR policies. For instance, a big vehicle manufacturing company asked to provide back the vehicles when they found a defect in the model. This has hampered the reputation of the company. In such cases, the trust of the customers is broken and large amo unt of inconvenience is caused to the consumers. References Baker, M. (2004).Definitions of corporate social responsibility - What is CSR?. [online] Mallen Baker's Respectful Business Blog. Available at: [Accessed 29 Aug. 2016]. Hopkins, M. (2003).The planetary bargain. London: Earthscan Publications. Horrigan., B. (2010) Corporate Social Responsibility in the 21stCentury: Debates, Models and Practices Across Government, Law and Business, Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham, UK. Hunnicutt, S. (2009).Corporate social responsibility. Detroit, MI: Greenhaven Press. Sacconi, L., Blair, M., Freeman, R. and Vercelli, A. (2010).Corporate social responsibility and corporate governance. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. Taticchi, P., Carbone, P. and Albino, V. (2014).Corporate Sustainability. Dordrecht: Springer. Visser, W. (2007).The A to Z of corporate social responsibility. Chichester, England: John Wiley Sons. Zu, L. (2009).Corporate social responsibility, corporate restructuring and firm's performance. Berlin: Springer.